CATT-Acoustic v9.1

Modeling Module

The hall geometry is described using a structured hierarchic text format created manually, via AutoCAD or other CAD plugins:
Interactive RT estimate calculation:

Included is a very powerful and easy to use spreadsheet-like function where Sabine and Eyring RT estimates can be done while changing absorption. In addition a global ray-tracing can be performed that contiously updates the RT-curve. For some halls (due to a "mixing" shape or suitable diffusion and absorption distribution) the Sabine and Eyring RT estimates come very close to actual T-30 values estimated from line regression on the decay curves. For such halls, what if? RT calculation games can quite safely be based on classical RT estimates. In addition to Undo and Revert options, the surface list can be sorted according to various criteria to aid in understanding which surfaces control the RT most: 1995 prediction round-robin results:
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