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What is Geometrical Acoustics? (generic version)
From v9.1 in 2016 a special whitepaper where the crucial Geometrical Acoustics (GA)
is revisited and discussed is referred to in the TUCT™ v2 manual. There is now a generic
version available for users with older versions, or other interested parties, that does not
include any direct manual references. Aug 8, 2021.
Whitepaper PDF (1124 kB)

Conference papers

Scattering distributions in geometrical acoustics
Bengt-Inge Dalenbäck, CATT, Forum Acusticum, Aalborg, Denmark 2011
(available on request including animated illustrations)
Engineering principles and techniques in room acoustics prediction
B.-I. Dalenbäck, CATT, BNAM, Bergen Norway, May 2010
Paper PDF (1590 kB)  
PowerPoint presentation (1109 kB)

Characterizing rooms regarding reverberation time prediction and the sensitivity to absorption and scattering coefficient accuracy
B.-I. Dalenbäck, CATT, Sarah G. Brown, RPG Diffusor Systems, Inc., ASA Baltimore, April 2010
PowerPoint presentation (1115 kB)

Real Time Walkthrough Auralization - The First Year (about CATT-Walker)
B.-I. Dalenbäck CATT, M. Strömberg Valeo Graphics, IOA Copenhagen, May 2006
Paper PDF (618kB)    PowerPoint presentation (909 kB)

The Rediscovery of Diffuse Reflection in Room Acoustics Prediction
Bengt-Inge Dalenbäck, CATT, ASA Cancoun, December 2002

PowerPoint presentation (including font used if not installed on your system)

Verification of Prediction Based on Randomized Tail-Corrected Cone-Tracing and Array Modeling
B.-I. Dalenbäck, CATT, 137th ASA/2nd EAA, Berlin, March 1999

Reverberation time, diffuse reflection, Sabine, and computerized prediction
Html article from from 2002/v7.2 but is still useful.

Conference papers and articles while in the Chalmers Room Acoustics Group, Chalmers University, Sweden

The Chalmers Room Acoustics Group was active in room acoustic prediction and auralization since the early eighties (current activities: CATT-Acoustic was developed while the author was a part-time Ph.D. student and member of the group. Published papers and articles cover prediction and auralization methods applied, rather than the software itself, and are in reverse chronological order:

Auralization, Virtually Everywhere, B.-I. Dalenbäck, 100th AES Conv.preprint 4228 (1996);

Room Acoustic Prediction Based on a Unified Treatment of Diffuse and Specular Reflection
, B.-I. Dalenbäck, JASA 100 (August 1996); 

This article describes the basic principles of TUCT algorithm 2 and 3 in CATT-Acoustic™ v9 with varying degrees of deterministic diffuse ray split-up but was rewritten from scratch taking advantage of the much faster mulit-core PCs 15 years later. Major differences to the method described in the article are: 1) natural reflection growth is now inherent in the algorithms and the late part energy no longer needs to be extrapolated, 2)  the IRs for auralization are no longer created from octave-band echograms but are created directly, reflection by reflection, during prediction (no post-processing necessary). Algorithm 1 (the "work horse") is based on the same overall principles but with random specular/diffuse refections, it can be said to be a more general version of the Randomized Tail-corrected Cone-tracing (RTC) in v7 and v8 but with reflection-by-reflection IR creation. 

Narrowing the Gap Between Virtual Reality and Auralization
, B.-I. Dalenbäck, D. McGrath, Proc. 15th ICA, 429-432 (1995);

Room Acoustic Prediction and Auralization Based on a Unified Treatment of Diffuse and Specular Reflection
, B.-I. Dalenbäck, Proc. 15th ICA, 425-428 (1995);

The Importance of Diffuse Reflection in Computerized Room Acoustic Prediction and Auralization
, B.-I. Dalenbäck, Proc. IOA 17, 24-34 (1995);

A Macroscopic View of Diffuse Reflection
, B.-I. Dalenbäck, M. Kleiner, P. Svensson, JAES 42, 793-807 (1994);

The Audibility of Changes in Geometric Shape, Source Directivity, and Absorptive Treatment - Experiments in Auralization, B.-I. Dalenbäck, M. Kleiner, P. Svensson, JAES 41(11), 905-913 (1993);

Auralization - an Overview
, M. Kleiner, B.-I. Dalenbäck, P. Svensson, JAES 41(11), 861-875 (1993);

Prediction and Auralization Based on a Combined Image Source/Ray- Model
, B.-I. Dalenbäck, P. Svensson, M. Kleiner, Proc. 14th ICA, F2-7 (1992)

For additional papers related to the prediction and auralization methods in CATT-Acoustic and auralization in general see the Download area.

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