Projects and more

Some uses of and articles about CATT-Acoustic can be found in various places on the
internet (list in no particular order). Since web links now change (too) often some links
may no longer work and some have been removed ony giving example project type.
Many of these examples come from when acoustic modeling was not yet a standard tool.

Sound systems
NY Times article 1
Ancient Acoustics
NY Times article 2
Conference Halls and Theatres in Patras

Church sound system/acoustics
Room acoustics
Hearing Architectural Design

Virtual acoustic (article)
Surround sound experiments
Church acoustics (in French)
Arup Soundlab
Acoustic excavations
Modern library
Religious Centers
Virtual Reality
Cinemas (in Slovakian)

VRML flythrough
Metrics of speech intelligibility (JASA)
An evolving variety (JASA)
Radio studio
Fogg Art Museum (Forum Acusticum 2005)

Below are some further (older) CATT-Acoustic projects (see also the Users section):

Fairfield Hall, student project, UK

Various older student projects at Chalmers:
concert hall, architectural students, parametrical modeling
concert hall, Gothenburg Concert Hall
church, Örgryte Nya Kyrka, Gothenburg
glass covered atrium #1, A-gården Chalmers, Gothenburg
glass covered atrium #2, Gothenburg

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