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Oskar the acoustician

This links to some animations/cartoons made by Mattis Wikström-Dalenbäck, then age 12, based on one of his favorite creations: Oskar. This character has been featured in numerous of his computer animations and hand drawn cartoons (samples are Oskar and the pain, Oskar slips, ...). Being brought up on Electronic Arts'  legendary Deluxe Paint for the Amiga, he here used Pro Motion by Cosmigo that is based on the Deluxe Paint interface but runs under Windows and is very easy to create animations with. The emphasis is rather on making a quick animation based on an idea than to spend a lot of time perfecting it.

Now, for the first time on the internet: Oskar the acoustician. In a series of animations his dangerous life as an acoustician will be illustrated.
Oskar checking theater acoustics (91 kB) ...
Oskar measuring traffic noise (90 kB) ...
Oskar makes a binaural recording  (543 kB) ...

If the animations don't seem to run at a correct speed (or at all) you can instead download all the FLC-files along with a free player (344 kB, ZIPped) and they will run perfectly.

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