Room Acoustics: Auralization

Auralization (auralisation, Eng.), in general, is the process where predicted octave-band echograms are converted to binaural impulse responses that can be convolved with anechoically recorded music or speech giving an impression of how the music or the speech would sound if replayed in the modeled hall (from CATT-Acoustic v9 the impulse response used for auralization is however created on the fly without going via energy echograms). The process involves digital signal processing and Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTFs). In addition to binaural responses directive microphone, stereo, and B-format responses are possible for stereo, surround or Ambisonic replay. Convolution with anechoic material is made either directly in software or via special hardware (from CATT-Acoustic v9 direct auarlization only requires clicking a button). In addition real time walkthrough visualization and auralization is possible via CATT-Walker and creation of auralized soundtracks to rendered videos via the Walkthrough convolver and WalkDecimThe basic technique applied in auralization can also be used to create natural sounding FIR reverberation as is offered by The FIReverb Suite
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